Greatest Showman: This is Me

Broadway Kids Against Bullying: I Have a Voice

Changing: Trans Teen Music Video

In a Heartbeat: Animated Gay Love Story

Kiss Like a Woman

We Kiss in a Shadow

Dancing in the Living Room by Cameron Hawthorn

Will & Grace Celebrate Pride Month

Beautiful Commercial: This is Me

Broadway for Orlando: Love Sweet Love

Don't Give Up by Maggie Szabo

I Wish You Were Gay

Gay Pride: Fight Song

Lady Gaga: Til it Happens to You

Coming Out: Short LGBTQ Film

You Tube Tribute to Gay Pride

Understanding: Short Film From Kodak

True Colors by Justin Timberlake & Anna Kendrick

Modern Love by Matt Nathanson

Show Your Pride

Yale University LGBTQ Alumni Association Reunion


Featured Videos

True Colors by Cyndi Lauper

I Am What I Am by Gloria Gaynor

Flashmob: Somebody to Love

Matt Fishel: Radio Friendly Pop Song

Will & Grace Revival Trailer

YMCA by Boy George

The Ultimate Wedding Party

Great Big World: Everyone is Gay

Octavia & Deborah

Acquaintances: LGBTQ Short Film

Real Thing: Returning Solder Meets His Transgender Daughter

Some Other Summer by Roxette

People Guess the Sexual Orientation of Strangers

George Michael Tribute

Don't Wait by Joey Graceffo

TED Talk: Why is Gender Identity so Important?

Same Love by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Rainbow Riots: LGBTQ Voices From Uganda

Kinky Boots: Sex is in the Heel

Happy: Multicultural Music Video



It's About Time: New Marriage Equality Song

Halloween Costumes

Everyone's Just a Little Gay

Love is Love

I'm Coming Out by Diana Ross

The Defenders of Traditional Marriage

Could It Be I'm Falling in Love

TED Talks: Love is Love

Lady Gaga: The Edge of Glory

Official Coming Out Song

Laura & Fawn

Kinky Boots: These Boots Are Made for Walking

Be My Honeypie by the Weepies
Comment on Love

TED Talk: Why We Need LGBTQ Education

The Girl in the Kinks Shirt by Matt Nathanson

Eric & Stan
New Coming Out Video



Understanding: Short Film by Kodak

True Colors Montage

The Evolution of Gay

Video: Girl and Boy

Erase the Hate

TED Talk: The Gift of Living Gay

Russell Brand Interviews Westboro Baptist Church Members

He Loves Me He Loves Me Not
Trans Youth Share Struggles and Hopes

Hattie & Amorie
True Colors by LA Gay Men's Chorus

TED Talk: Gender is Not a Straight Line

Dare to Love

World Science Festival Video: What is Sexual Orientation?

The Marriage License
Rainbow Riots: Freedom

Everybody Wants to Be Loved by Ingrid Michaelson
Comment on Trust



When I Was a Boy by Dar Williams

Brokeback Mountain (Movie Montage)
Therapy Session for Homophobic People

Normal: Short Film

I Need a Woman to Love by Kesha

Kiss Like a Woman by Mona

Imagine Me and You (Movie Montage)

Girl Crush

Understanding Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Gay and Lesbian Support

Dick & Bob

TED Talk: Gender Fluidity

Blooming: LGBTQ Short Film

LGBTQ Band Camp

Ross: Short Transgender Film

What Does it Feel Like to Be in Love?
Psychology Video: What Causes Sexual Orientation?

Different Kind of Love Song
Comment on Commitment

TED Talk: What the Bible Says About Homosexuality

Steve & Mark

Changing Times



My Summer of Love

Psychology 101 Video: Sexual Orientation

Sordid Lives: Theme Song by Olivia Newton John

Jan & Lauren
Montage: Tom Hanks in Movie Philadelphia

Animated Video: Gender and Sexuality

LGBTQ Video: How You See Me

Oxygen: Short LGBTQ Film

Four Weddings and a Funeral: Funeral Blues

Ellen Television Show: Coming Out Episode

Jon & Robert

TED Talk: Danger of Hiding Who You Are

Transgender Video: Passing

Old Timey Film: Beware of the Homosexuals

Sam: Gender Identity and LGBTQ Bullying

Rainbow Riots: Equal Rights

Sexual Orientation Video: Is It a Choice?

Montage: Sweetest Lesbian Couples on TV

TED Talk: Accepting My Transgender Daughter

Keep It Gay: Song from Broadway Musical The Producers

Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows



It Gets Better

Trevor Project: Preventing Gay Teen Bullying & Suicide

President Barack Obama: It Gets Better
Broadway Sings for the Trevor Project: It Gets Better
Dan & Terry: It Gets Better
AFL CIO President Trumka: It Gets Better
Adam Lambert: It Gets Better
Rob Thomas : It Gets Better
Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns: It Gets Better
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi: It Gets Better
Secretary of State Hilary Clinton: It Gets Better
Gloria Estefan: It Gets Better
It Gets Better Project: Comments From MTV Logo Staff
It Gets Better Project: Comments From Jewel



Movie Trailers


Bohemian Rhapsody

Beautiful Boy


That's Not Us



Love Simon

Call Me by Your Name


Miseducation of Cameron Post

Boy Erased

Brotherly Love


Tell it to the Bees


Center of My World


Fair Haven

Giant Little Ones



Music Videos


Secrets by Mary Lambert

She Keeps Me Warm by Mary Lambert

True Colors by Cyndi Lauper

People Like Us by Kelly Clarkson
It Gets Better by Broadway Stars
Don't Give Up by Maggie Szabo

Modern Love by Matt Nathanson

Same Love by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Dancing in the Living Room by Cameron Hawthorn

I Was Born to Love You by Freddie Mercury

Sleepover by Hayley Kiyoko

Nothing Taboo: Love Song for the Outcast

Born This Way by Lady Gaga

Girl in the Kinks Shirt by Matt Nathanson

Like Me by Chely Wright

Aftermath by Adam Lambert

True Colors by LA Gay Men's Chorus

These Are the Days of Our Lives by Freddie Mercury

Official Coming Out Song by Ally Hills

Same Love by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis



Make You Happy by Mika

Born This Way by Lady Gaga

Girl in the Kinks Shirt by Matt Nathanson

When She Loved Me by Sarah McLachlan

Imagine by Lady Gaga at HRC National Dinner
Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko

Different Kind of Love Song
It's a Beautiful Day by Freddie Mercury & Queen

Celebrate by Mika

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

Lollipop by Mika

Who Wants to Live Forever by Freddie Mercury & Queen

We Are Golden by Mika

I Just Want to Be OK by Ingrid Michaelson
You're a Firework by Katy Perry

Dare to Love by Sean Chapin

The Great Pretender by Freddie Mercury
Have You Ever by Brandi Caslile

I Am What I Am by Karen Mulder


LGBTQ Short Films


Coming Out

Break Free



How You See Me


A Step: Love and Pride




Study Buddies


Bubble Gum


Pretty Boy


Together Forever






In a Heartbeat



LGBTQ Television Scenes


Ellen: Coming Out Scene

Dawson’s Creek: Jack and Ethan Kiss

LA Law: CJ and Abby Kiss

Glee: Kurt’s Dad Confronts Finn

Friends: Lesbian Wedding

Melrose Place: Ella and Melissa Kiss

Glee: Santana and Brittany Scenes

Modern Family: Mitch and Cam’s Wedding

Transparent: Season 1-2 Recap

Disney’s Good Luck Charlie: Susan and Cheryl

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tara and Willow

All My Children: Bianca Comes Out to Erica

Glee: Santana and Brittany Montage



LGBTQ Representation in Advertising


Awesome Gay Commercials

Funny Gay Commercials

Emotional Gay Commercials

Wells Fargo Bank: Learning Sign Language

Clean & Clear: Being Your True Self

Tide: Couple Doing Laundry

Toyota: She Thinks She’s in Love

NatWest Bank: Whoever You Are

Nordstrom: Homecoming

Sealy Posturepedic: Afterglow

Ikea: Dining Room Table

Colgate: Smile With Pride

Heinz: Gay Kiss

Pepsi: Three Men in a Bar

Kindle: At The Beach

XXL All Sports United: Airport Love

Hyundai: Lipstick Note



TED Talks


Why is Gender Identity so Important?

Love is Love

Why We Need LGBTQ Education

The Gift of Living Gay

Gender is Not a Straight Line

Gender Fluidity

How to Talk (and Listen) to Transgender People

LGBTQ Pastor's Journey

Coming Out of the Closet

Some Boys Are Born Girls

Problems Facing LGBTQ Youth Today

Why Am I So Gay?

Queer Vision of Love and Marriage

Myths of Gay Adoption

What the Bible Says About Homosexuality

Fifty Shades of Gay

The Danger of Hiding Who You Are

Accepting My Transgender Daughter



Diversity Videos


Love Has No Labels
Happy People Dancing on Planet Earth

Imagine by Pentatonix

Stand By Me

I Am a Work of Art

Frozen Movie Soundtrack in 25 Languages

What the World Needs Now

What is Culture?

Strangers Are Friends You Haven't Met Yet

Gay Kiss Demonstration at Eiffel Tower

Modern Love

Black Guy & White Girlfriend in Harlem Barber Shop

Ultimate Wedding Party

Celebrate Diversity
No More Trouble

True Colors

Geography Class for Racist People

One Love

Celebrating Diversity: Photography That Sounds Good

Be My Honey Pie
Multiculturalism Documentary

Don't Tell Me Who to Love

World Faces
Wake Up Everybody

One Tribe: Black Eyed Peas




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